Jessica 4 Drawer Divan


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This deep based range has been developed to offer sublime comfort and ease of use, unlike shallow divans, the Jessica sits higher from the floor making it more convenient to enter and exit the bed with minimal strain place upon you.Equipped with a 5 fold action with a quiet motor that is able to lift up to 20 stone, the Jessica is a perfect option for those with lessened mobility. The handset itself is simple to use, with an easy to read design and an extendable wire for optimum use.The Jessica adjustable divan comes combined with a pocket sprung mattress, supported on a series on wooden sprung slats, 5 of which allow adjustment of firmness of the lumbar area support.Not only technically advanced the Jessica divan ensures interior delight with tis vast options of available colours to choose from while the additional storage beneath is perfect for keeping your space neat and tidy.

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